Shannon Rutherford (alreadydrowning) wrote in differentpaths,
Shannon Rutherford


Maybe if everybody stopped whining and actually tried to figure out why these journals all seem to be linked, we'd have figured it out by now.
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Everybody seems like they want to know. But all they're doing is whining about it.
I guess I don't really care if I know.
Do you care about anything?
I care if it's dangerous. Or if it's going to cause a problem.

... but no, not really. Just that we can all stay safe.
How do we know the journals even are safe?

I mean, if everyone here can read them, then who's to say the stupid "Others" can't?
We don't. I mean, they could blow up in our face, or be slowly poisoning us, or maybe even broadcasting to someone off the island who could come and save us...

... hey wait, that'd be good.
Paper can't poison you. And Kate made these. I seriously doubt she's secretly trying to kill us all.
It could if it was trying really hard. Devious paper.
You're an idiot.
Nobody's perfect!
Stop trying to get the last word.