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Who are they;

where are they, how can they know all this?

Different Paths, Different Ways :: A Lost RP
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Welcome To the Island.

Different Paths takes place shortly before the end of Season 1, taking a different path than the series itself took, hence its name. What if Locke had told Jack what had really happened to Boone? How would Boone still being alive affect the story? How would any amount of small changes alter the story as we see it every Wednesday?

Different Paths is a game to explore what could have been.

The official starting plotline goes as thus.

John Locke and Boone Carlyle had been going into the jungle, looking for clues to the Island, and how to open The Hatch for some time now.

They found a plane. After a series of incidents, Boone fell, while in the plane, and was seriously injured.

Locke rushed him to Doctor Jack Sheppard, and reluctantly divulged the information that they'd been out in the jungle, found a plane, and Boone had climbed up to investigate, falling while still trapped inside the plane.

It was this information that saved Boone's life.

When the morning came, they had a new life to look to, in the face of Claire's child, and a second chance for Boone. One he wasn't granted within the series.

Now, in preperation for the looming departure of the men and their raft, paper journals that Kate had been piecing together in her spare time are being passed out to all the castaways, having been inspired by Claire's documentation of everything that had happened to her.

They think they're just journals, paper tied together with hand-made string, nothing much to look at, but because of the island, they're really to become so much more.

A way to call for help when needed.

A way to find those who are Lost.

A way to begin, or a way to end.

It all depends on how they're used.


On the other side of the Island, the remaining castaways of the Tail-end of the plane are making their way through the jungle, trying to keep one step ahead of The Others, trying to survive.


[x] respect your fellow player; Narking on people isn't cool. Don't do it.
[x] mary sues will be eaten for breakfast; ...Not that original characters are being accepted at the moment, but if your character suddenly thinks he knows more about the Island than Locke or Desmond? You'll be warned, then kicked out.
[x] stick to the canon; I don't mean by the plotline, since I've already raped that all to hell, but by character personalities. Sawyer isn't going to start being fuzzy-wuzzy towards Jack, Hurley isn't going to suddenly get totally emo and slit his wrists. Part of the fun of playing as characters you love is PLAYING as them. take away their personality and all you have is a pretty face.
[x] relationships are fun; We're not going to shun any type of relationship, Het, Slash, whatever. If you can make it plausable, and it's been developed (if not already in canon) go for it. Have fun with it.
[x] cut tags are your friend; all logs are to go under a cut tag, to save people from having to scroll through mountains of text. Additionally, all NC-17 logs must be clearly marked, both in the Title of the log, and the actual entry. We don't need parents getting mad at us for smutty action.
[x] post all logs; I don't care if you JUST posted two logs, development happens in logs that aren't always readily visable in journals. There's no limit to posting logs, since we love them.
[x] post in the communities; differentpaths is where all entries, public or otherwise, from the characters will go. Feel free to post them in the character's personal journal as well, but all comments to and from characters will go in the main community. Additionally, all logs, threads, and the like will be posted in differentpaths as well, only clearly marked as 'LOG: characters involved' or 'THREAD: Characters involved/open/whatever'
oocpaths is for all out of character chatting, plotting and so on.



RP Experience: (feel free to skip this if I know you enough.)


Character Name:
Why they're on the Island:
History: (Or as much as has been relenquished thus far)
Third or First Person RP Sample:

Send all applications to unknowngoddess[at]gmail.com
Character limit is two. Please try to choose two who won't have a lot of interaction, if you can help it. (Basically, don't choose Kate and Sawyer, or Sun and Jin.)

Taken Characters

Arzt, Leslie: journal pending
              played by: Kate (yasutora) Aim: Macht Des Mondes

Austen, Katherine: outranthem
              played by: Varis (orphen) Aim: SoulAnubis

Carlyle, Boone: hahafooledyou
              played by: Figgy (handful) Aim: figgy the ninja

Cortez, Ana-Lucia: tequilaandtonic
              played by: Krys (angelic_oni) Aim: preciosa oni

Eko: journal pending
              played by: Max (impossibility) Aim: jivensy

Ford, James 'Sawyer': totaljackass
              played by: Dots (dots) Aim: twilit wings

Kwon, Jin-Soo: kwonjin
              played by: Varis (orphen) Aim: SoulAnubis

Kwon nee Paik, Sun-Soo: knowsenglish
              played by: Kacee (fence) Aim: pie is canon

Libby: bestrongnow
              played by: Kacee (fence) Aim: pie is canon

Littleton, Claire: modernofme
              played by: Erika (akisazame) Aim: harmonyinEminor

Locke, John: crazybaldman
              played by: Jewels (schizophrenic) Aim: fetalcoffin

Reyes, Hugo 'Hurley': cluckitycluck
              played by: Figgy (handful) Aim: figgy the ninja

Rutherford, Shannon: alreadydrowning
              played by: Kirsten (krispies) Aim: watch the dusk

Sheppard, Jack: alwaysahero
              played by: Yuffie (randomtology) Aim: mikkabitcagirl

Disclaimer: ALL characters are copyright JJ Abrams and the ABC network. We claim no ownership, and are just playing a game. So please, don't sue us, as most of us are poor college and high school students. ♥