Dr. Jack Sheppard (alwaysahero) wrote in differentpaths,
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Okay, lets go over the facts.

Boone is okay. Going to need a lot of rest for awhile. But he made it through, he's going to be okay providing nothing else goes wrong. Good, it could of been so much worse. But I need to ask Locke more about the plane once he gets back from hunting probably knew I was going to ask which is why he left

Claire's Baby is also okay. Kate did a good job being the midwife. Wish I could of been there, but the timing made it impossible. Everything checks out, and he's a healthy baby boy. Waiting on the name still from Claire.

Now, these journals. All of them seem to be linked. Still trying to figure out why. Just when I thought this island couldn't surprise me anymore. Does anyone have any logical explainations as to why this is working?
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